Artificial Intelligence – “Power and suspense pack this Sci-Fi thriller. A journey through darkness into the magical creates fantastic, exciting sound designs and atmospheres.”

This album was the first of mine to be released on the Invasion From Mars label, out on the APM Music library label… without any other composers.  The Invasion From Mars label is owned and setup by Mars Lasar (in LA), who most notably worked on and produced a collection of Seals top hit songs… and is a prolific songwriter in his own right.  I was introduced to the label by a good friend, the super talented mixer / producer (and one time A&R man for Almo Sounds in the UK – see earlier discography for Redwood), Nic Page.  And so for all the future releases on Invasion From Mars (and it seems many of the releases on Almo Sounds), I would thank the vision of Nic himself… and for Mars for equally showing faith in me!

Tracks featured:

  1. Dark Matters
  2. Grey Shores
  3. Evening Traffic
  4. Hot Furnace
  5. Dancing Flame
  6. A New World
  7. Under The Radar
  8. Maximum Yield
  9. Blue Diode
  10. Lights At Night
  11. A Light Torque



Artificial Intelligence

Release Date : April 7, 2021
Artist : Alistair Cowan
Genre : ,
Catalog ref. : IFM-0204
Format : CD