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Alistair Cowan

My website, with original material, songs, videos, shop etc.


Al’s ex-band


A night and site by al. pics reviews, in&around Guildford.


Ex Redwood drummer’s new very cool band


Alr-Emo Guildford Lond based band

Vex Red

Local band went to America and now doing very well

Hotel Lounge

Muse, Radiohead, Buckley rolled into one


Modern Nirvana, just as talented

Hundred Reasons

Ex local Jet Pac / Flaw (spelling?) played Reading mainstage

Aubrey Lemmon

Very hard working band, with big e-mail database……

Hip Slinky

Hammond, Buckley meets Sinatra vocals, strongs, it’d be a crime if they didn’t get much bigger than they are….


Black Crowes meets Reef meets Stone Temple Pilots. Very cool band, very cool acoustic set…….
Website of friends profesional covers band, who tour the world, playing year in year out…… the bass player was the driver of our tour bus in my old band.

Martin Harley

Bluesy, slide, John Martyn meets someone bluesy with a slide guitar

Nathan Bennet

A mate whos lives in Brum, brother of ex-Redwood bassist

Gavin Thomas

Top musician from Guildford, who tours the world and elsewhwere…..

Live Club

Music website, pushing unsigned bands, links with Guildford Festiva;…..

Pews Bar

Pews Bar officail website

Backline Studios

Local Guildford studio, rehearsals, recording 24 track

fatnose productions

Local Farnham recording studio

Tim Matia

Local video director, did Reubens vids, playlisted on MTV2, plus others


The website for the Brighton based group that owns the Powerhouse, Zel.

Electric Blues Club

Useful musicians website with loads of info and stuff


Unsigned band website.

The Filo Pub

Pub venu in Hastings.

Lionsdown House

Guesthouse in Hastings. Top place.